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Google virtual tour

GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW Grazie alla nota tecnologia panoramica a 360 gradi collaudata con Street View da Google, leader mondiale dei motori di ricerca, realizziamo il tour virtuale e interattivo della Vs. attività commerciale e i tutti i servizi correlati.

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Fotografia commerciale

Realizzazione di servizi fotografici destinati a cataloghi, depliant, stampati descrittivi o di promozione locale. Still life, immagini di studio, riproduzioni, ambientazioni in location e set realizzati ad hoc su specifica richiesta. Riprese in esterni e documentaristica VIDEO. Specializzati in conferenze scientifiche, presentazioni bibliografiche e rappresentazioni teatrali.

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Clubfotografia.com è un sito per tutti quelli che amano la fotografia e che desiderano apprendere tecniche e consigli per fare il salto di qualità. Antonio Lo Torto e i vari guest writers non si risparmiano.

the red deer

Commercial Photography

The Red Deer Commercial Photography and Google Street View Certified. The Red Deer provides a range of top quality commercial photography services to clients throughout Milan and New York City. Based in Milan and New York, we combine state of the art digital photography and printing facilities with a well equipped studio and 20 years of experience, to provide top quality business photography of all types. We also offer Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour photography services in Italy and US (NY area). They are added to Google maps and can enhance your Google search presence. They can be easily embedded into your website. These are for Google business listings only and have certain restrictions but are great for your business. Read about our 360 Degree Google Virtual Tour service Not just professional photographers, we are image makers, with the facilities and creativity to tackle any commercial photography project. From product photography, advertising photography and business portraits in the studio, to on location vehicle photography and post-production digital manipulation, we draw on a variety of techniques to create the perfect images for your advertising campaign or promotional materials. Instant image viewing and printing facilities and a strong reputation for quality, makes The Red Deer a convenient and reliable choice for clients with demanding.